Tuesday, September 11, 2012

SonOfObsidian color scheme mod for IDEA 11

After latest Eclipse Juno installation, and few weeks of working in this, experiencing big performance downgrade and seeing the direction of current product development (like new fancy UI with animations) I realized that this great product has become an overloaded crap (with installation file growth from 90 MB for Helios to 220 MB for Juno - what can acknowledge this), and after almost 10 years of my Eclipse adventure I decided to look for another IDE. I recently tried to test Intellij IDEA 11 (commercial), because I've bought already their other product PhpStorm (really great IDE for PHP).

Few remarks about this IDE after a week of work:
  • very fast
  • great refactoring / code browsing / autocomplete capabilites
  • highly configurable from A to Z
  • it has everything I use besides java (html/css, groovy, javascript, properties editor, svn/git integration, tomcat, hibernate/spring suport, trac integration etc.)
And some worse things:
  • very hard to switch from Eclipse because of completely different keymap - but I accomplished fair comfort of work after this week
  • you need to spend at least a day to configure it for yourself, mainly because it has a big amount of code inspection hints displayed in editor, what makes it looking as the christmas tree (if everything is shown as w warning/hint, you cannot see anything worthful there)
  • I'd say that product is still wanting in some details, and reported few bugs/feature requests to them (but they are responsible)
But generally I find it a very useful and great IDE.

Unfortunately this IDE doesn't come with color schemes for editors, and only the default color scheme is available. I don't like to burn out my eyes with bright white and prefer some dark schemes. I've found one appropriate on the net - SonOfObsidian - translated from VisualStudio by some guy Roger (thanks, Roger).

Unfortunately after loading it into IDE, it turned out that only the Java editor is done well (in my opinion). Multiple editors have dark font on dark background. On the other hand other editors have a big amount of markers with light background, what completely kills the concept of "dark scheme". During this week of work I was trying to fix the most annoying parts, and make some standards between editors (eg. to have keywords, strings, number in similar colors in various editors), and I changed the font size as well to not to exhaust my eyes so much. Here are some examples of this work (before - after):

Here are the sources for those who share my preferences. They need to be put into ~/.IntelliJIdea11/config/colors.

[UPDATE] Here is the update for Idea 13.