Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thank you, blogspot

It was almost seven years ago when I started to write on blogpost (Blogger right now).

From the beginning it was a heavy technology blog about my software development, and I have never thought that someone would read these articles. Now, at the end of 2016 I have about 86.5K unique views, what means more than 30 visitors daily, on average. This is amazing. Thank you people (and bots :D)!

Anyway, I still plan to write and make a little more software. However I decided to move out from blogspot. Previously I wanted to write an article why I decided to leave blogspot, but I've recently found Trisha Gee post about why she is moving from blogspot to hugo. This is a perfect article, I can only repeat this explanation, so it's better to just put a link here :)

So, I'm closing this blog, and moving to hugo (my own choice is hugo - however other static site generators look great as well) and my own domain

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